Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mr. Flux & Fluxes

My husband's uncle is Dick Higgins and back in college I was able to experience some of his Danger Music in a tribute "performance" for Dick. With that I was mouth open and eyes wide when I came across the title Mr. Flux. It brought me great satisfaction and feelings of nostalgia, it feels like something of great reflection and appreciation for the art movement of the 1960s, one that I wouldn't expect to be explored through picture books. This book is another example of how picture books build content schema and vocabulary, and how they offer access to constructing knowledge about the world we live in, and about topics that otherwise might not be discovered or revealed. Even with no connection to Fluxus, the heart of the story can be celebrated by not be afraid to question, embrace change, and explore the limitless possibilities that art offers.

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