Catching Fireflies

I am always telling children, "Leave the flower for the bees" or "Don't hurt the bug for doing what a bug does." Children are interested and curious. They are always asking important questions about what they observe. This picturebook nurtures a child's understanding and respect for living things in their natural habitat. Simple text, sweet monster learning to be an ecologist, and delicate vingnettes pull together a message of looking closer at the world around you. When we see or experience a beautiful moment in nature, we keep it safely tucked away in our hearts and schema. It is with us always.

IF... by Sarah Perry

If... by Sarah Perry is pure artistic and poetic creativity. something different. A book you would feel proud you discovered, observing the delight of those you share this treasure with. A welcome to the absurd but magically beautiful world of Surrealism. A juxtaposition of illustrations, ideas, and intermedia. A modern day Fluxus event. The interaction between the text and the reader will surely prompt the reader to continue with their own Ifs... If skunks made honey...If chickens laid lemons. This will be perfect to prompt children writers to write and illustrate their idea. #Netgalley