Economic Struggles in Picture Books

Sipe (2005) explained:
The ability to imagine a different society may be partly based on the ability to impose a new narrative construction on the social facts at our disposal: to tell a different story. If this is the case, then reading stories to children is a profoundly political, transformative action (p. 246).

The Most Magnificent Thing

The joy of the journey, the purpose of process, ownership over learning, engagement- concepts that weave together and unravel the same hopes and dreams we have for all the children in (and not in) our lives. Contemporary social norms and life styles often result in a hurried up and get through agenda. Even with the best of intentions and accomplishments earned via this rapid pace-nurturing, the moments that have kids present in their inquires (and all its failures and feelings), can not be underestimated. The Most Magnificent Thing is a narrative that celebrates STEAM driven thinking and Growth Mindset. It has us embracing the chaos and feeling the strong emotions, along side the young inventor and her dog. Sometimes we don't know where we are going to end up when we start something, or how often the questions we started with might change. A reminder that invention and new ideas are hard earned and of great value for those who bathe in its highs and lows. The content of this picture book is supported with these soft industrial hues and clean drawings and fonts.  I appreciate the use of white and black space and splash of color where it really matters. The use of panels, spreads, and placement of text that is both controlled and varied, delivers the presentation the content deserves. This book belongs on bookshelves at home, school, and libraries.

Eric Jensen

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