Access to Diversity in Picture Books

Finding the beauty in what ever neighborhood someone calls home.

Hearing the voices of people who do not live like you.

Seeing families that look like your own or someone you know.

Seeing lives lived far away.

Meeting kids without gender labels and rules.

Better understanding those experiencing economic inequality.

Windows and Mirrors in Mentor Text in all classrooms.

Habits of Work, How To Writing & Handworks

Make a Plan (make a pattern)
 perseverance, engagement, and patience
Embroidery and Sewing Practice

Wet Felt made Acorns

Weaving on a loom with natural dyed organic yarn

A Handworks Art Exhibit

Handmade with Love

Several Steps led to Pillows.

Perseverance was a big theme.

Lot's of individual choices demonstrated.

Zipper Pulls & Necklaces

Finger Puppets

Pillows took a process of time and dedication.

Weaving in curriculum and content


Handworks: Head, Heart & Hands

Vibrant Weaving displayed

Handmade with Love heart charms on Amazon 

Units of Study, How To Writing, Lucy Calkins

How to Weave by kindergarten writer

How to Make a Stuffed Animal

Weaving handworks with writing

Habits of Work, How To Writing & Handworks
FREE download of How To Writing Paper I made