Classroom Snapshots

Comparison Matrix: Analysis of Knowledge

I try to sort, group, and display books with the climate and interests of my students. The books are in constant movement.

I appreciate how magazines draw a crowd and evoke discourse between students.

I think presentation is important and I model that with book displays of current popular authors and books.

By posting covers of the classroom reading schema, there is a visual anchor for reference and synthesizing.

A Ghost Theme

 . "Ghost stories are a reminder that not knowing everything means that there is much in the world and beyond that has yet to be discovered. For young people who have not taught themselves (or who have been taught) to be completely rational, ghosts hover on the fuzzy edge of reality, a place of endless possibilities."
How did they do that?

Wow. Is this how it went down in 1872 too?

Past and present technologies.
Student made poster after reading group finished book.