Perseverance, Swimming, Puerto Rico


As a Puerto Rican mother weaves a thread of perseverance around her daughter, the narrator transitions us from, the broken half the winter time community pool, to the suburbs, building tension along the way

"As the space between the houses widened, so did the empty space inside Jessenia." 

But when she gets set to swim- will the threads of sweet memories, unravel into dreams and pride?

Hector Viveros Lee's watercolor and pencil full bleed illustrations are beautiful. His double-page spreads has us on the school bus and in the swimming pool. Jeannine Atkins introduces us to strong characters, and the words and the art together transact with peaks into urban, suburban, and tropical views.

* A full bleed is when the illustration extends of all four edges of the page, leaving no white space or border.
* A double-page spread is when the illustration is spread across both pages