How To Writing & Doing

I love the How To Writing Unit of Study in kindergarten. I have developed a variety of ways to weave in art, reading, writing, science, dramatic play, Handworks, and technology to widen learners schema and do help them develop as writers who see interesting stories and meaningful experiences in the life they are living.

I made some of my own How-To Writing paper, and I posted it FREE on Teacher Pay Teachers:

Publish at all stages of the unit. Share the accomplishments. I tell my students, "Where ever you are, is just where you are suppose to be."

How To Find a Vernal Pool

Weaving Science & How To Writing

First you wait for the wood frogs to chirp and salamanders in the road

Next I wait for the big rain and the wood frogs to get out of frogsicles
I head to the vernal pool in my backyard

Weaving Handworks & How To Writing

How To Make a Pizza (First read the order)

Bee Bot can get the ingredients

Bee Bot can find the book you need. Need to read to a slug? Babysit your grandma?

Some of my favorite Mentor Text for the How To genre

Habits of Work & How To Writing

Lets see if it works...

Valentine's Day Boxes

Making Connections to Reading

We make connections to the books we read and the stories we listen to. When readers and listeners make text to text, text to self, and text to world connections, they deepen comprehension and widen their schema.

I make connections...

Text to Text

Text to World

Text to Self