Thursday, January 11, 2018

Habits of Work, How To Writing & Handworks

Make a Plan (make a pattern)
 perseverance, engagement, and patience
Embroidery and Sewing Practice

Wet Felt made Acorns

Weaving on a loom with natural dyed organic yarn

A Handworks Art Exhibit

Handmade with Love

Several Steps led to Pillows.

Perseverance was a big theme.

Lot's of individual choices demonstrated.

Zipper Pulls & Necklaces

Finger Puppets

Pillows took a process of time and dedication.

Weaving in curriculum and content


Handworks: Head, Heart & Hands

Vibrant Weaving displayed

Handmade with Love heart charms on Amazon 

Units of Study, How To Writing, Lucy Calkins

How to Weave by kindergarten writer

How to Make a Stuffed Animal

Weaving handworks with writing

Habits of Work, How To Writing & Handworks
FREE download of How To Writing Paper I made

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