Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Word Collections

A cut paper assorted font quote collage.

I love fonts. It is one of the many "treasures" that I seem to have a need to collect in some way. My passion for collecting spans from foreign stamps and coins to small wooden chairs and frogs of assorted sizes (and thousands of things in between). Some could be considered very useful for a multitude of purposes, like buttons, the assorted sea glass, and round beach stones, while others like fonts and polka-dotted and striped socks are probably solely for self serving results. Well...lets just say this is a tribute to collections of all kinds, especially the ones that make you feel satisfied or uncovers a soulful side of your personality. Keep on collecting!

For your students, start WORD COLLECTIONS to inspire your students to pay attention to the beauty of language and words. I have done collections a few ways. My favorite was to give everyone a baby food jar container that they wrote words they wanted to collect on little strips of paper and put them in their jar. Each week we would share our words and we made a word wall on our class favorites that we encouraged each other to use in conversations and in writing. A few mentor text to start of your word collecting...


  1. Cute idea. I love fonts also. It's funny but we've been digging through my magazine stash looking for ads. This would be a great project with the leftovers. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Glitter, I predict you will find cutting out the letters and words peaceful and fun! Speaking of fonts, somewhere I downloaded a font called: Hello Dot Stick (stick like lines with dots at some points)and it is my new favorite!I appreciate your visit!

  3. I must check out this book. Sounds very fun.