Saturday, March 9, 2013

Literacy Backpacks

The Service Learning Project my 5th grade students developed was shared at the 24th National Service Learning Conference in Denver, Colorado. My students created a Literacy Backpack Lending Library to address the needs of their local preschool (enhancing family literacy and providing children with nonfiction experiences, while connecting them to their community and its vast offerings).

  • A local preschool needs a lending library and more informational text
  • 5th grade students develop an idea for Literacy Backpacks (lending backpacks include an informational text(s) and supplemental activities
  • Students establish community partners who are invested in enhancing the literacy experiences for preschool aged children by sponsoring a backpack
  • The sponsor choose the theme and a backpack is created. The themes represent the sponsor's business, museum, or personal topic of interest (Native American Studies, Cooking, Boats)
  • Building Club students offer to build bookshelf to house the backpacks at the preschool
  • A Literacy Backpack Lending Library with 11 backpacks is established and are available for preschool students and their families to enjoy together


 I am so proud of my student's meaningful application of their skills, talents, and citizenship with addressing a community need, acting on a solution, and improving the world. If you are interested in Service Learning (all teachers are right?), you might want to check out KIDS Consortium, who provided a framework model for me to become a teacher who applies service learning to their pedagogy.

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