Saturday, October 12, 2013

October Fun

Caution: Enter if you dare...books about zombies, magic potions, tricks and treats could always be found behind cobwebs in October at the school library. Decorating the library makes it fun for readers to settle in for an extended period of time and activate all their senses while reading an October read aloud pick. To be respectful to all students beliefs, you can always have a corner that is "theme-free" too.

Spooky roll the die, count, and match

There was a candy called Dem-Bones that came out at Halloween. It had a variety of bone shaped candy. I made this graph for them to graph their bags of candy and we did a giant class graph for class totals. After I made a few dice and reused the graph for a new center without the candy.

Halloween Stories bring out a new emerging writing energy

October Word Wall in Kindergarten fosters independence at writing time, while building literacy skills.

Word Card helps with Letter ID, spelling, vocabulary, writing, art, risk taking, editing

Black Cats took some real fine motor and following direction skills.

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