Thursday, November 28, 2013

Jellaby by Kean Soo

Jellaby (who has the appearance of part grub, part dragon, and a splash of monster) needs a friend. So does a young daydreaming girl named Portia. Soon another friendship develops with a bullied little boy, and together they develop a commitment to not only keep Jellaby protected, but to set out on an adventure to the city to find Jellaby's family (if he has one).

The characters are lovable and the story line moves swiftly and paced with some great text and use of panels to extend the potential to infer and relish in the what ifs. I do prefer a more colorful graphic novel, but if an artist is going to go with a few tones, I do like the pinks and purples and hard black lines.

Another quality option for the graphic novel fan who is looking for innovative stories that step outside of the superhero box. I think we will be seeing more to come from Kean Soo and I look forward to future journeys with Jellaby and friends!

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