Friday, July 11, 2014

The Zoo Box

Because I did not read the description before diving in, I was joyfully amused at the unraveling twist of the humans being the animals in cages (mowing the lawn or playing basketball), while the zoo visitors were various animals (polar bear, alligator, bald eagle) taking photos, eating popcorn, and watching the humans in their "natural" habitats. What starts with two curious siblings left alone and a box in the attic (displaying a Do Not Open warning), the reader gets swooped up in the excitement of an adventure that requires an imagination and love for animals! I appreciate the art work and the graphic novel format. I love the balance of text and art and how this story is 52 pages long. This story could be used to model elements of a story with older readers or best of all, be enjoyed for reading pleasure for any graphic novel fan age 5-adult.

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