Friday, August 1, 2014

Raina Tegemeier

Fans of Smile and Drama will be thrilled for Raina's new release Sisters, on August 26th!  Raina's graphic illustrations and text invite readers to be by Raina's (the main character) side, as she navigates through the tangles of sibling-hood. In true Tegemeier's style, there is an abundance of humor woven between life as many of us know or have known it. I appreciate how the voice of the characters holds strong in both their visual expressions and throughout the discourse between family members. Tegemeier is a master at taking life how it is, without fussing for forced relevancy, rather she just looks a lot closer at the lives we are already living. Sisters, told in narrative form, includes both flashbacks and small moments, and will expose you to them all on a road trip from San Francisco to Colorado. 

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