Saturday, January 14, 2017

Maribeth Boelts, Noah Z. Jones, & Lauren Castillo

An Author & Illustrator Study Mentor Text Set Recommendation

In Those Shoes the narrator is an elementary school aged boy who wants the kind of sneakers all the other kids at school seem to have.  A few adults try to step in to help, but perhaps in the end, finding one peer who understands, is what he really needs.  

Looks like you could use a new pair, Jeremy," Mr. Alfrey, the guidance counselor, says. He brings out a box of shoes and other stuff he has for kids who need things. He helps me find the only ones that are my size- Velcro- like the ones my little cousin Marshall wears.

In Happy Like Soccer the narrative is an elementary aged girl being raised by her auntie. She shares her thread of her juxtaposition- her passion for soccer, but the feelings of isolation it serves up every game she plays in. 

But nothing makes me sad like soccer, too, because the restaurant where my auntie works is busy on Saturdays and she can't take time off for something like a soccer game.

In A Bike Like Sergio's the narrator is an elementary school aged boy who first tells us that, "Every kid has a bike but me." Ruben faces an ethical tangle and demand for maturity, putting whats right before wants.

The Lady says yes: she lost a hundred dollars, and has been looking since. She tips her head. "Why?" I uncurl my fist. "I found it, " I say, holding it out to her still folded.

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