Monday, July 2, 2018

a box of Butterflies

The art on the cover was the first thing attracting me to this book. I like the sense of sweetness and warmth displayed in the robot and child, and the gentle movement of the delicate butterflies (that match the color of the robot's eyes) exhibit in their flight. The font used in the title adds to the beautiful presentation. The book's clever lead is a fairy tale's final words and Robot expresses he does not know what love feels like. As the child describes similes to emotions, the narrative leads towards text and illustrations describing emotions like worry and anger in accessible ways, before ending with...LOVE. On the last page the Robot has a heart, for a tender resolution. I think if the pages had all been used used to describe love, it would feel less like a teaching tool for emotions, and more like a story about love. With that being said, this is an adorable book. I am going to recommend our guidance counselor adds this to her collection, and reads it to the K-2 kids as part of her practice. 

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