Monday, September 17, 2012

September Read Aloud Picks

My 5th grade students are all enjoying Wonder. They agree that the main character Auggie exhibits a sense of strength and poise through tough moments, and that they admire him for it.

I am reading Lawn Boy to my 4th and 5th grade students as a way to meet some of the Economics standards. This read aloud is a fantastic way to introduce vocabulary and concepts such as, supply and demand, monopoly, gross income, and capital. Gary Paulsen uses humor and realistic experiences to hook the reader and learn topics in context.

I always seem to be reading aloud books that are told in an animal's voice. I love animals and believe that when kids are taught to think about experiences from an animal's perspective, they develop an empathetic and respectful attitude about them. I read The One and Only Ivan in one day this summer (it was that kind of book) and am thrilled to be sharing it with my 4th graders (5th graders are requesting this book next too). This book is special and when I read it aloud my students chant "Don't stop reading!", when they sense I am about to stop.

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