Sunday, September 9, 2012

Writer's Notebook & Jason Spooner

I am sorry for the delay in a new post. My first week of school and start of my doctorate studies has been twirling and swirling me around in circles in all directions! It is Sunday night, I finished my plans for next week, am celebrating a New England Patriots win, and settling back home after a visit to Portland....I really think society needs to think about a 4 day work week...Mondays should be included in the weekend.

Jason Spooner

Starting Writer's Notebook last week was a highlight. We worked on the strategy of writing from a list.

Students developed their own Which would you be questions and recorded them on their notebook page.

  • A word or a sentence?
  • A sweet pickle or dill pickle?
  • A poem or a novel?
  • A spot or a stripe?
  • A hammer or a nail?
  • Denim or cotton?
  • Cheddar cheese or Swiss?
Students also made a list of "Bad things" (Things they would NEVER want to write about). 


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