Saturday, November 10, 2012

Persuasive Writing

Haunted Houses For Sale. Students completed crayon resist with water colors to illustrate their Haunted Houses for sale. They then wrote real estate ads geared towards monsters as a way to practice real life persuasive writing. This first eerie property for sale offers a spectacular view of a graveyard from the kitchen window.

Lots of broken windows and cob webs grace this haunted real estate. The neighborhood boasts sounds of werewolves and goblins from dusk to dawn too.

A fire breath fueled sauna, a swimming pool filled with snakes and blood, and coffin bunk beds are sure to meet the fancy of a monster family with monster kids!

A gargoyle wrought iron fence surrounds this haunted Victorian.

Beware and Keep Out...looks like an Open Haunted House.

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  1. Cool exercise. Kids are writing creative ad copy and they dont even know it. whoo Hoo! Great research. This by far the best and most informed site out there. Are there any Carpentry / mechanic / trades/ Heavy equipment / Grease monkey kids books out there?