The Fishing Lesson

I instantly feel the nostalgia of my childhood, sitting on the library floor, reading the Adventures of Tintin. The Fishing Lesson has vibrant colored illustrations. It is organized like a graphic novel, with panels and borders.  A clever use of text, dialogue, motion lines, and onomatopoeia expressions to keep the reader present in this small moment story. There is tourist humor that feels genuine (living in Maine, I have an understanding first hand) that still gives the tourist some slack. The tourist in this story has many big ideas of how the fisherman could spend his time, and how the new time commitment (all of his time) would lead to an increased bounty...and an excess of resources....and then. While the fisherman seems to have it already figured out, the tourist might have the same ending goal in mind all along.  You could pair this with a book like More for some critical conversations about wants and needs and resources like time and happiness.


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