Friday, April 13, 2018

This Is a Taco

You can learn about squirrels through reading books written about squirrels. However, you might be more curious about what you can learn straight from the source itself! Taco (the squirrel) takes his red pen to the story to inform you that he prefers tacos over acorns, and bushes to trees, and all the other things that make him unlike all other squirrels (and tacos). Great example of a character with voice and personality. A mentor choice for a mini lesson in writer's workshop- when teaching autobiographies or modeling for kids topic choice. A funny book with vibrant graphic novel style illustrations.  I love how Taco's comments are in talking bubbles.  Fans of Melanie Watt's Chester books will love This is a Taco. We'll all be waiting for the sequel! 

#ThisIsATaco! #NetGalley

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