A Page in the Wind

Jose’ Sanabria & Maria Laura Diaz Dominguez have created a beautiful work of art with their picturebook, A Page in the Wind.  The cover is stunning and presents like a painting that belongs shared on gallery wall space. Each following illustration is set on a white background that frames the art. Told from the point of view of a page, I love this idea of a narrative being born, yet existing without meaning- because the page became unraveled from the others, and stayed unread, “One by one…everyone’s life story began. Everyone but me.” It is a tribute to reader response. I felt empathy for the page while witnessing his tougher times and tangles, and relief when happier moments, “For the first time someone read what I had to say” presented themselves. When a reader or listener connects to text and/or illustrations, true value and worth unlaces and presents itself in true purpose.

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