Saturday, June 8, 2013

Open This Little Book

Jesse Klausmeier and Illustrator Suzy Lee's, Open This Little Book is the perfect title for this experience and throughout will continue to entice you to open another...and another...and another little book. This book has presentation, artistic appeal, charming characters; offering satisfaction to  the audience that treasures the beauty of special picture books in their collection. Young readers will marvel over the colors and friendships that develop through the little books.
Many of my students share my love for mini books, and I am always amazed at the creative materials and methods they use to make their own versions of mini books and the variety of purpose they bring. This little book is a mini, Sassy Sam Reference Book that third grader Logan made. She had previously completed a series of Sassy Sam graphic novels that really exhibited voice and wit. The little reference book was made to thoughtfully support the author's audience.

This little peak inside of the book gives you some idea of the layout and illustrations. Such warm colors grace each page. The artist thought about book appeal and as a reader, I appreciate that. The end papers add both an abstract extension to the narrative, as well as offer decorative appeal. There is a book trailer on illustrator Suzy Lee's website.

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