Saturday, June 22, 2013


I just finished my first summer read, Paperboy by Vince Vawter.  A story about a reflective young boy, who happens to stutter. A boy who experiences a summer that exposes his inner strengths, through listening to what others around him can offer him, as well as their embrace of all he can offer too. I think it is appropriate that author Rob Buyea commented that he loved this book, as Vawter, like Buyea or a Gary Schmidt, develop characters that are as real as someone you know, and you find yourself rooting for their happiness and well being during and after you finish reading. I also know a book is special to me when in between reading it, I think about it and offer insight, as if I am reflecting about someone I care about in real life. For anyone who feels defined by their tangles, or can relate to how that feels, this book will reveal the confidence we all have and need to survive adversity. This book makes a great family read, independent read, and would be a well received read aloud too.

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