Friday, August 10, 2012

A Reader's Notebook

This school year I am going to try something different than the 3 ring notebooks. Each student will receive their very own Fountas & Pinnell Reader's Notebook (sold in 25 and 5 packs):

My students participate in a variety of reading groups & book club activities, and I plan on documenting those events with photos too, that students can add to their Reader's Notebooks.

Scholastic Books has some fair deals on multiple copies of books.

Student's favorite topics, genres, and authors of interest might change over time.

A Genre Reading Bingo goal could be used for student personal reads or class read aloud picks. 

FEVER 1793 is an excellent choice for historical fiction. Compare to non-fiction resources to enhance knowledge.

The "FEVER" reading group invited the rest of the class to a time period Coffee House modeled after the one in the book.

Hot chocolate and ginger bread, YUM!

The prices were amazing and the service the best!

Ruby Lavender was well received by a group of my 4th grade girls.

Like Ruby, the readers wanted to write letters to their own grandmothers. This brought me great joy, as I have fond pre -email memories of how I would write letters to my family and friends...and of course to both my grandma and memere'.

Detective Club - Navigating Mysteries

Each Mystery Reader gets a Case File. Detectives keep track of clues, suspects, red herrings, and other important information as they read through the mystery with their detective club peers.

Elementary students seem drawn to the mystery genre while reading and writing. This Detective Dictionary is in the case file and really supports vocabulary development.

Two 4th graders share what makes a good mystery, demonstrating an understanding of both the vocabulary and story elements of a mystery.

A student gave me this  book Power card on my birthday one year. I thought it was pretty awesome cake.

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