Thursday, August 23, 2012

Common Core

So I purchased my first "common core" teacher resource, The Common Core Lesson Book K-5 by Gretchen Owocki. First, I love how it is bound with a fat spiral, giving it the feel of a daily working and hands-on tool. And that it seems to be. This is a resource that I fully plan to use and feel confident I will benefit from going into a new school year, with a new standards based common core curriculum, with this reading resource. Each standard (anchor) is identified, and shown a grade level scope and sequence. One thing to consider is, even though the headers on the scope are by grade level (K-5), if a child is below or above the grade level standard, you simply move back or forward on the progression. You start thinking about your student's individual goals, rather where they are "suppose" to be. Each standard (anchor) offers: Demonstration, Collaborative Engagement, and Independent Application. Gretchen goes on to include graphic organizers, mini lessons, and instructional strategies. I will keep you updated on how the lessons go.

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