Monday, August 13, 2012

Literacy Backpacks

 My 5th grade students completed a Service Learning Project,
A Literacy Backpacks Lending Library for their pre-school buddies at the local children's center. Each backpack has a non-fiction book (or two) and activities to go with the theme of the pack and book. Local people and business' sponsored the pack and chose the theme too. Museums, school staff, libraries, and local companies invested in promoting reading in their community sponsored backpacks. The backpacks were given to the pre-school and will serve as a non-fiction lending library to encourage family literacy and interest around non-fiction.

Our amazing art teacher and his middle school building team built this book shelf to house all the literacy backpacks that were put together. We hope to continue this project this year with the new 5th graders. We put together 10 literacy backpacks last year and hope to put 10 more together this year. The pre-school students are thrilled to be able to borrow the backpacks, learning about topics and community resources at the same time.

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