Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cowgirls & Astronauts

Published by Running Press Kids, this non-fiction book about rebels in dresses is awesome! Bravo to writer Sylvia Branzei and also Melissa Sweet for the appealing text and special illustrations. This book feels special to the touch, the pages sturdy, decorative historical feeling textures and end papers. The writers use of non-fiction features is brilliant. She uses things like "sticky notes", photographs, and a variety of fonts to make this book an experience.

An amazing story about 13 women astronauts who battled the government and an unspoken rule at NASA in the 1950s...women can't be astronauts. Well, this story tells the story of 13 flight pioneers who proved to be as heroic, intelligent, tough, and flight ready as any man ever had (as well as surpassing them on many flight test & tasks). Tanya Lee Stone shares an important piece of history that I feel a lot better knowing about.

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