Monday, July 9, 2012

Read Aloud Picks

We cried more than once before we got through this book, but the ending is happy so I can recommend it to you. Dog lovers will lap this book right up, wagging their tails the whole way through!
Sometimes the pet we get (even if we don't think we want it) ends up being the most perfect pet of all. Will Guinea Dog fit in or bark his way out of the family?

This is our recommendation board for read aloud books or other popular classroom books. It adds to the motivation and interest when a book starts getting some thumbs up!
This one is sure to score thumbs up! Visit Island Readers & Writers and get suggestions for questions and links to science for this book. This would be a quality fiction to pair with a nonfiction book about snakes and reptiles. This read aloud serves well for modeling the traits of idea, word choice, and voice too.
This takes Jack and the Bean Stalk to a whole new level. Listeners appreciated how some of the characters (the Joneses) had many words for things in their own dialect. There is a translation key in the book and they use the terms often enough that you learn them soon into the book.
Students Read Kate Dicamillo's Because of Winn-Dixie in a reading group. They then presented the class with dog biscuits (human edible ingredients) and Sorrow Pops. When they presented to their peers they shared the connection to the treats. Read the book to see for yourself!
We watched the movie after so we could do a compare and contrast. While the movie was entertaining, we all agree the book is better.
Kate Dicamillo is the perfect Author Study pick. I LOVE all of her books and if you like her on Facebook you get to read her poetic and inspiring quotes, comments, and wonderings.
Connecting to ELA Common Core, comparing and contrasting two or more characters. Students filled in character traits on paper heads throughout the read aloud. They visually documented just how much the characters changed.
Every 5th grade teacher will want to start the year off with this read aloud. Each chapter begins with a different student's perspective. The students act, re-act, listen, talk, change, evolve, mature, and learn about each other and that sometimes people act a particular way because of tough circumstances they have faced. Mr. Terupt might be just the teacher to teach these students how to forgive others by forgiving themselves. Guess what...Mr. Terupt Falls Again...October 9, 2012!

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