Sunday, July 15, 2012

September Dreams

It is wrong to be thinking about the fall season, because summer is so wonderful and deserves the full attention of the human experience. With that being said...I am a school teacher so I think about things like how to integrate my dirt scented smelly stickers into a lesson about worms and soil and how many peanut tubs will I need to decoupage to hold our community colored pencils if I want to sort them by color. A "fierce wondering" I am apt to explore in my head at 5:58 pm on a Sunday in July. So back to September...I was thinking about leaves changing and how nonfiction and art is fun to merge.

Colored tissue paper is an essential creative tool.

A window, a sunny day, and the "stained glass windows" are bold and attention grabbing.

You could limit the colors or let the naturalist artist interpret their way.

Might be cool to do the project over a time period and make a visual leaf changing time line!

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