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I am very thankful for the web site Home School Share and for their generous sharing of fantastic
My Father's Dragon (book one of a trilogy) is the perfect read aloud fantasy. I had a reading club with a group of 2nd graders and we read this book together and each student made their own lap book. It was a great supplement to work on comprehension strategies.

A student sneaks in Sonic on her Hedge Hog Lap Book!
I so appreciate the meaningful enhancing presentation of the cheetah print background. Super clever!

The lap book serves as a scaffold to learning how to research and determine important and interesting facts. The citing of sources is another extension of lap book work too.
My students decided to have a Lap Book Fair. They set up tables with their Animal Lap Book, resources, and any props they wanted to include. They served as the expert on their topic and prepared factual information to share and answered questions. This is a cover to one of the invitations. Students decided a question on the invitation would be a good way to build curiosity and share a hint to what the guest might learn if they come to the fair.

A Shark Lap Book  
I made this JUMBO Bird Lap Book for a 1st Grade Class. They researched birds and filled it in as a shared and interactive writing activity. Lots of non-fiction books and observation supported this effort.

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