Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Classroom Spaces

Knowing where you are in your story, reveals where you need to go next...

I sort most my books by author's last name in alphabetical order, but graphic novels, diaries, and NEW BOOKS demand a special shelf of their own.

Sharing our schema helps us determine our community experts on various topics.

Illustrate or use text to visually share your knowledge.

What we bring and construct to text starts with what we already know.
Text Structure Bulletin Board
Library with some growth...
Characters matter.
The "6 Traits" of writing vocabulary, helps us talk about and edit our writing.

A special little library corner for the younger visitors.
Once you run out of bulletin board space...go for the windows!

Sensory details help us write using descriptive words that show and don't tell the reader how to think or feel. Going to a special place outside helps activate all our senses that support descriptive writing.


  1. I love the schema bulletin board! What a great way to display that!

    1. Thanks Angela! It was also a helpful tool for planning our Service Learning Project. It led to a conversation about how are interests, knowledge, and strengths might serve the community.

  2. What a great blog! I have awarded you the Liebster Award! Come on over to http://justaprimarygirl.blogspot to get your award! :) I am a new follower!

    1. Thank You for the award! I also want to thank you for being my first follower. I love your blog too.